Friday, July 18, 2014

IBB Cyclery and Multisport Team Kits

Team Kits will be here next week!

Men's Bib Cycling Shorts: $125

Men's and Women's Cycling Shorts: $115

Men's and Women's Short-Sleeved Cycling Jerseys: $75

Women's Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys: $65

(Tri Apparel is planned for fall 2014......)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LOOK Keo 2 Carbon Trade In / Trade Up Program

Old pedals just plain worn out?  'LOOK'ing to upgrade to some nice shiny new carbon road pedals??

Trade in your old pedals (ANY pair will do....) and receive $50 off a pair of new LOOK Keo 2 Carbon pedals.
Regular price is $219.99, with trade-in becomes $169.99 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Electric Bike Demo Day 7/15

Felt Electric will be at our shop on Tuesday 7/16 with several new models of Electric-assisted bicycles. Felt Electric bikes feature a Bosch-powered drive motor that is located in the bottom bracket offering a lower center of gravity and thereby better and easier handling. 

There are multiple models including commuters, uprights, pavement cruisers, fat tire, and even a 29-er mountain bike!

Come and try out an electric-assist bike Tuesday afternoon 1-7pm!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

SUMMER SHOP HOURS July 14 - August 31


July 14 - August 31, 2014


TUESDAY = 2pm - 7pm

WEDNESDAY = 2pm - 7pm

THURSDAY = 2pm - 7pm

FRIDAY = 11am - 7pm

SATURDAY = 10am - 7pm


Appointments Available Outside These Hours

Call or email us to schedule an appointment:

phone: 435-319-0011

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tour de France HOT DEALS!

Throughout this year's Tour de France, July 5 - 27, we are having Killer deals on bikes, shoes, pedals, helmets, nutrition, electronics, and apparel.
Orbea Ordu w/ Di2

Just some of the Deals we have going.....

ALL 2014 Argon 18 Frames and custom builds -- 25% OFF MSRP

2014 Felt Bikes -- Z2R, Z3, Z4, AR3, AR4, AR5, Z85, F75, ZW2, ZW85, B12, B14

2014 Orbea bikes - Rallon, Alma, Ordu, MX10, Carpe


1. Orbea Ordu w/electronic Di2, Profile Design Carbon Clinchers, Rotor QXL, Zipp Carbon cockpit, size Medium:
WAS $10,500 is NOW $8,199

2. Argon 18 Gallium Pro w/ Dura Ace 11-sp, Deda Carbon Bar size Medium:
WAS $9,100 is NOW $7,299

Felt Verza Fit 1
3. Argon 18 Gallium Pro w/ Dura Ace 11-sp, Deda, VisionTech Carbon Clinchers, Stages Power, Rotor QXL, size medium, DEMO:
WAS $11,500 is NOW $8,999

4. Felt DA Carbon w/ Ultegra 11-sp, Hawk Racing Carbon Clinchers, Rotor QXL, size 54cm:
WAS $6,700 is NOW $4,999

5. Felt AR4, w/ Ultegra 11-sp, 54cm:
WAS $3,499 is NOW $2,999

6. Felt AR5, w/ Shimano 105, 58cm:
WAS $2,499 is NOW $2,099

7. Argon 18 E-116, w/ Campy Record, Size Small:
WAS $6,500 is NOW $5,199

8. Argon 18 Krypton, w/ SRAM Rival and Zipp, Road Bike, size Large:
WAS $2,999 is NOW $2,399

Orbea MX10 29er MTB
9.  Felt B12 TT/Tri Bike w/ Ultegra 11-sp, 56cm:
WAS $2,999 is NOW $2,499

10. Orbea Alma M50 650B HardTail Carbon, size Medium:
WAS $2,699 is NOW $2,199

11. Felt Z4 Carbon Road Bike, all sizes:
WAS $2,099 is NOW $1,849

12. Felt AR3 Aero Road Bike, Ultegra Di2 Electronic, all sizes:
WAS $5,149 is NOW $4,399

13. Felt F75 Road Bike, all Sizes:
WAS $1,349 is NOW $1,099

14. Felt Z2R Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red 22, all Sizes:
WAS $5,149 is NOW $3,899
Orbea Rallon X10 27.5" 650B FS Enduro MTB

15. Felt Z3 Carbon Road Bike, Ultegra 11-sp, all Sizes:
WAS $2,999 is NOW $2,499
Women's Felt ZW3

16. Women's Felt ZW2 Carbon Road Bike Ultegra Di2 Electronic, all Sizes:
WAS $5,499 is NOW $4,549

17. Women's Felt ZW85 Road Bike, all Sizes:
WAS $1,349 is NOW $1,159

18. Felt B14 TT/Tri Bike, 51cm
WAS $2,199 is NOW $1,799

19. Felt F95 Jr. Kids' Road Bike, 44cm
WAS $799 is NOW $649

20. Orbea MX10 29-er MTB Hard-Tail, size Medium, DEMO:
WAS $949 is now $799

21. Orbea Alma M-LTD 29-er MTB Carbon Hard-Tail, SRAM XX1, Rotor Q-ring, Size Large, DEMO:
WAS $9,600 is NOW $7,899


22. LOOK Keo 2 Carbon Pedals:
WAS $219, NOW $169

Felt B14 Carbon TT/Tri
23.  Lake CX237 Leather double Boa Shoes:
WAS $280, NOW $230

24. Lake CX217 leather Boa Shoes, Carbon Sole:
WAS $230, NOW $190

25 . Lake CX175 Road Shoes:
WAS $160, NOW $129

26. Lake TX312 Carbon Tri Shoes:
WAS $350, NOW $285

27.  Catlike Mixino ultra-lightweight Helmet:
WAS $300, NOW $235

LOOK Keo 2 Max Carbon
28.  Catlike Whisper Helmet:
WAS $225, NOW $184

29. Zeal Optics Team Rival Sunglasses:
WAS $169, NOW $134

30. Honey Stinger Nutritionals:
25% OFF

31. Infinit Nutrition Nutritionals:
20% OFF

32. Bonk Breaker Bars:
20% OFF

Helmets, Electronics, Nutrition, apparel, accessories, shoes and more on SALE as well

Stop in or Call us at 435-319-0011 for details!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Orbea Rallon 650B Enduro Bike - Customer Review

Hey Kirk,

Over the weekend had time to build up the frame and ride on Sat! The fit is perfect! The best frame I've personally owned. This also includes some carbon frames. The details are quite impressive. Not only did it come with a chainstay protector but also a seatstay one! The cups for the head tube were already installed, wow. Most frames don't even come with cups let alone a headset It came with a complete FSA headset (which I always use FSA) and seat clamp (a nice one, cool). The cable routing is excellent for external routing. Everyone is going internal and my last bike had it and it's kind of a pain when it comes to maintaining brakes or replacing brake cables. This frame is more stiff than the Focus SAM enduro bike I came from. The pedaling ability is slightly better than the Focus SAM. Also, the L Rallon has longer reach/top tube and short stays than the L SAM and both weigh the same (5ish lbs w/out shock).

Attached are pics of the build

Here's my testimonial you can use on your site.

"IBB Cyclery & Multisport is an excellent place to get a frame or bike from. I was looking for ordering a Orbea Rallon and found IBB Cyclery through Orbea"s website. Kirk responded quickly to my inquiry about ordering the Orbea Rallon frame in a large. Not only did Kirk respond quickly but he actually wanted to help me order the frame unlike the dozen other shops in the US who simply replied to my inquiry stating they didn't have any in stock. Kirk showed fantastic customer service throughout the process of ordering the frame and provided regular shipping updates. I highly recommend buying a bike from IBB. You won't be disappointed. Thanks to IBB team and Kirk for helping me order the Orbea Rallon quickly with great customer service along the way. If I lived near IBB they would by my go to local bike shop. Oh, about that Orbea Rallon frame...OH MY GOSH is it a killer frame. The attention to detail is the best I've seen in the industry right now. This includes all aluminium frames and even a good portion of carbon frames in the trail/enduro segment. The Rallon is super high quality, really stiff, spot on geometry, and  impressive details (comes with a headset, seat clamp, and seatstay/chainstay protectors!). I have owned trail/all mountain frames from Santa Cruz,Trek, Focus, GT, Diamondback, and Norco. This has been my favorite frame to date!"

Feel free to use this testimonial in anyway you want. 

Just over the moon with Orbea, their attention to detail, and the Rallon frame quality. Please promote this frame/bike cuz it kicks ass! All the reviews I've read are right on. I see why every major blog/magazine has given 4.5/5 stars. Again, thanks so much for working with me Kirk. I am very happy with you and your shop. I'm even more thrilled about the Rallon! Take care man! If my experience with IBB is an indication of what others will also experience, I see a very bright future for you and IBB!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Serviced recently.........

We service all kinds of bikes - mountain, road, cruisers, BMX, electric, Triathlon, etc, etc....

But when it comes to the ultra-techie category of road, triathlon /TT, and mountain super bikes, nobody knows better than IBB. 
This Specialized Shiv, a triathlon-specific bike, was in our shop this week for our "elite" level tune-up before heading up to Couer d'Alene, ID for 112 miles of Ironman CdA.

In addition to a full drivetrain clean and frame detailing, we took our "fine-tooth" comb over this bike and found a few things requiring attention. 

1. When originally built up, the shifter cables were unnecessarily routed externally from the extension making for an un-aero and un-tidy cockpit. 
We re-routed them internally for a cleaner and more aero front end. 
2.  At time of installation, the bottom bracket pre-load was excessive creating additional, unwanted resistance, risking a shortened bearing life, and compromised bearing performance. 
We took the time and effort to remove the crank, check the bearings for wear, and re-install with proper bearing pre-load. 
3. Front derailleur cable was frayed due to lack of use of an outer-protective sleeve.  We installed a sleeve along with new cable.

In addition to the tune-up and full cleaning, we installed new bar tape with a tidy and clean wrap job. 

When it comes to racing bikes, details matter. We treat your bike as if it were our own and we are Clinical-OCD when it comes to bike maintenance and setup. 

Regardless of where you purchased your bike, consider us for your next service appointment. Your bike will indeed thank you for doing so!!