Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FIT --> SPEC --> BUILD: Argon 18 Nitrogen Gallery

For us, the Argon 18 Gallium and Gallium Pro road and TT/Tri bikes still set the "standard" for how a road bike ought to ride.  How it should climb, how it should handle on high speed descents, how efficiently it should transfer power, and last but not least, how it should feel on rough surfaces.  

In regards to these standard-setting ride characteristics, the new-for-2015 Nitrogen aero road bike is right on par with its "Climber-Counterpart", the Gallium Pro.  With Shimano Di2 Groupset (mix of Ultegra and Dura Ace), Profile Design Twenty-Four 58mm Carbon Clinchers, and 3T Aeronova Bars, a medium weighs in at an astonishing 15.7 pounds!  

If you're at all in the market for a road or TT/Tri bike, the Argon 18 line should absolutely be considered.  The heart and soul of our shop, the FIT --> SPEC --> BUILD process, continues to turn out flawless complete bike solutions that not only look incredible, but perhaps most importantly, fit perfectly.  
This Custom Spec'd Argon 18 Nitrogen is a fine example of the results of that process.

Enjoy the pics below.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Slick n Tidy ---> Boardman AiR/TTE/9.8

One of the (aerodynamically) cleanest bikes you'll ever see, the 2015 Boardman AiR/TTE/9.8 is incredibly slick, and actually quite light for a TT/Tri "super-bike"
-The integrated stem flows seamlessly into the toptube. 

- front brake is integrated into the fork with the front brake cable running inside the steerer tube

- Di2 shifter wires have 2 "clean" routing options including down thru the pad spacers or into the front of the basebar

- Di2 front junction box, wires, and brake cables are all routed thru the stem and completely hidden from view. 

Seen here with Profile Design 78 Carbon Clinchers, Dura Ace Di2, and Stages Power meter crank. 

Enjoy the photos. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Felt IA1 - CSB

Justin Bandley takes home a bundle of joy. 
We began with a preliminary studio Bike fit for Mr. Bandley, narrowed down his options based on his fit coordinates and budget......Felt Bicycles IA1 frame size 51 was a perfect choice. 
We did a Custom Spec Build including Shimano Road Ultegra Di2, Profile Design carbon clincher wheels, and ISM PR1.0 Saddle, and set the bike to his exact fit coordinates. 
His comment after his first ride: "Its like I've been training on this bike all year and it was only my first ride."
A great friend and customer, Charity and I really enjoyed helping Justin build his dream Tri Bike.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

CSB - Boardman SLS/9.8

Studio Bike Fit ---> Custom-Spec'd Build. It's how we "do" bike shop. 

The bike buying process, when done correctly (in our humble opinions), begins with a Studio bike fit and a budget.  Once the fit is completed, we compare the results of the fit with bicycle frame geometries.  We rule out those that "just ain't gonna work" and narrow down the complete bike solutions to those that work optimally for the rider and his/her position.  Had your heart set on a specific brand and model?  We'll be able to tell you IF it's going to fit, and if so, which SIZE is ideal for you. 

Working with the customer's budget, we then optimize the component spec' to strike a balance between their riding 'wants' and 'needs'. 

Jesse's New Boardman SLS/9.8:

During the fit process, in addition to finding Jesse's optimal road fit coordinates, we also found his optimal saddle, crank length, and handlebar shape/width. 

Following the fit we narrowed down his frame options to the Felt Z-Series and Boardman SLS-Series, both of which share similar geometries. 

After choosing the Boardman (a wonderful choice we might add;-), we spec'd out the bike based on his budget.  A little back-and-forth to finalize the build spec, we now had a blueprint for the final CSB (Custom-Spec Build) product 

Here's the final product Spec:

- 2015 Boardman SLS/9.8 full carbon frame/fork
- Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset 
- Enve Classic 25mm Carbon Clincher wheels 
- Enve Carbon Seatpost
- Deda Carbon Oversized 35mm bar
- ISM Breakaway saddle
- Schwalbe Durano 25mm tires
- LOOK Keo Blade 2 pedals
- Whiskey Carbon Cages

Thank you Jesse for your business and friendship!  Enjoy the new ride!

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Argon 18 E-118 NEXT

The Argon 18 E-118 received a well-executed "face-lift" in 2015, and a small name change as well - now termed the "E-118 NEXT". 

We've already built and shipped a few of them but this is he first we've built up for our shop inventory. 

The front end has been completely re-designed and, collectively, the many small changes make for a massive improvement in adjustability, compatibility, aerodynamics, sleekness, and in our opinion, looks as well. 

Here is a Custom Spec'd medium we recently built up with Ultegra 11-sp Di2, new Profile Design 78s (with black decal), and ISM Attack saddle. 

Argon 18 E-116 and E-118 bikes were our best selling TT/Tri bikes in 2014 and with the all-new E-118 NEXT there's a good chance of that happening again in 2015. 

Enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Boardman AiR/9.8 Liquid Platinum Limited Edition Aero Road Bike

The Boardman AiR Series is an Olympic Gold-and-Bronze Medal winning Aero Road bike ridden to near weekly victory by the Brownlee brothers, Jonathan and Alistair, on the ITU draft-legal Triathlon Circuit.  

With a 4-position seatpost, the rider can achieve a more forward TT/Tri position (seat angles of 76 - 80 degrees), or ride in a more traditional rearward road position of 72 - 76 degrees.

If set up with electronic Di2 shifting, the addition of Clip-on aerobars with TT/Tri Shift Switches will give you a fully-functional, aero-position-shifting TT/Tri Bike, and with aerodynamics approaching that of a top-notch pure-bred TT/Tri rig.

Technically, a "true" TT/Tri bike is better suited for pure triathlon and Time-Trialing performance, but for a 1-bike solution to do both road biking and triathlon (and do them WELL we might add.....), you won't find a more VERSATILE road machine!