Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jan's Pretty Blue Orbea Ordu

A result of the IBB "FIT --> SPEC --> BUILD" process:
This Ordu looks amazing, but (more importantly) fits Jan perfectly and has been spec'd to suit Jan's gearing needs, ergonomic preferences, and her abilities, including the 155mm crank, 52/36 rings w/ 11-32 cassette, ISM PR 2.0 saddle, T3 aerobar extensions, and 38/58mm depth wheelset. 

THANK YOU Jan for allowing us to fit you and build up your dream TRI bike!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TdF Team Sky Steed - Pinarello Dogma F8

While not a Team Sky edition Dogma F8, this red Italian beauty is incredible in every regard. 
Even if red is not you're favorite color, it's hard to imagine a better looking frameset. The photos in this gallery are unable to fully represent the stunning depth of color that is evident when seeing this frame in person. 

Build Specs:
- 2016 Pinarello Dogma F8 Frame/Fork/Seatpost
- Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070/9000 groupset
- Rotor Bike QXL rings
-Stages Cycling power meter
- Enve stem
- 3T Aeronova Stealth Drop bar
- Dash Carbon saddle
- Enve SES 6.7 Carbon Clinchers
- Arundel Cages
The Ride:
Imagine three separate bikes, each of which is created for optimization of one specific variable:
1. precise steering and handling. 2. power-transfer / efficiency 3. Smooth-Operating 

It's difficult to imagine a single frameset having a Better balance of these 3 variables. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Argon 18 E-119

We've had the privilege of building up some new-for-2016 Argon 18 Tri-Specific series bikes - E-119 and E-117. 

Enjoy the photos below:

Jackie Muterspaugh, from the Triple Threat Triathlon Team with his new Di2-equipped E-119. 
The Triple Threat Triathlon team is sponsored by Argon 18 - have a great season!

Vegas residing, Super-Speedy Age-grouper, Tedd Girouard just got even speedier:
His E-119 was built with Ultegra Di2, Rotor INPower to measure effort, massive Rotor 55/42 Q-rings, Dash Strike saddle, and HED Jet race wheels. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Now Carrying........

We are thrilled to announce that IBB is now your local Bicycle Dealer for the following brands:
Cervelo - Triathlon, Road, Gravel
BMC - Triathlon, Road, Gravel MTB, Flat-Bar Road, Kids' MTB
Pinarello - Road, Tri, Kids Road

In addition, we continue to carry these fine brands:
Argon 18 - Triathlon, Road, Gravel
Orbea - Triathlon, Road, MTB, gravel, Hybrid, e-Bikes
Felt - Triathlon, Road, MTB, Gravel, Hybrid, Cruiser

This also means that the IBB Fit --> Spec --> Build Options just expanded nearly two-fold!

We have the ability to build up your dream bike based on framesets from any of the above 6 brands -- Not only will a perfect Fit be guaranteed, but you'll now have more color/paint choices, styles, and brands to choose from!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

F-S-B: Custom Spec'd Orbea Orca

Bob's Orca

We began with an IBB Watts-based Dynamic Bike Fto establish Bob's ideal road riding fit 'coordinates'. 

From there we looked at frame geometries, with the Orca in size 51 coming at the top of the list. 

We then took time with Bob to spec out and discus the details of his custom build. 

Was a pleasure working with you Bob! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Argon 18 E-118 NEXT builds

A pair of recent Argon 18 E-118 NEXT builds. 
Results of the IBB   FIT --> SPEC -- > BUILD process 

The arrival of the new-for-2016 Tri-specific Argon 18 models: E-119+, E-119, E-117+, and E-117is not too far off!

1. Visiting from Seattle, Chris' E-118 NEXT
Di2, Rotor INPower, QXL rings, Profile Carbon Clinchers, ISM PR2.0, Profile T4+ extensions 

2. "Visiting" from Hurricane, Shem's E-118 NEXT
Di2, Rotor INPower, 55/42 Q-rings, Enve SES 8.9, Profile T4+ extensions, ISM PN1.1

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FIT --> SPEC --> BUILD: Argon 18 Nitrogen Gallery

For us, the Argon 18 Gallium and Gallium Pro road and TT/Tri bikes still set the "standard" for how a road bike ought to ride.  How it should climb, how it should handle on high speed descents, how efficiently it should transfer power, and last but not least, how it should feel on rough surfaces.  

In regards to these standard-setting ride characteristics, the new-for-2015 Nitrogen aero road bike is right on par with its "Climber-Counterpart", the Gallium Pro.  With Shimano Di2 Groupset (mix of Ultegra and Dura Ace), Profile Design Twenty-Four 58mm Carbon Clinchers, and 3T Aeronova Bars, a medium weighs in at an astonishing 15.7 pounds!  

If you're at all in the market for a road or TT/Tri bike, the Argon 18 line should absolutely be considered.  The heart and soul of our shop, the FIT --> SPEC --> BUILD process, continues to turn out flawless complete bike solutions that not only look incredible, but perhaps most importantly, fit perfectly.  
This Custom Spec'd Argon 18 Nitrogen is a fine example of the results of that process.

Enjoy the pics below.