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Independent Bike Builder

Original Logo

In Kirks 14 years of racing triathlons (9 at the pro level), he built, maintained, and fitted the large majority of the ~20+ bikes he owned, including TT/Tri, road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes.  In 2011, Kirk began working on and fitting bikes for coaching clients.  In 2012, he began building up and selling custom spec'd, gently used bikes -- locally, nationally, and even internationally. Kirk started out as the "Independent Bike Builder" (IBB) in April 2012, building and fitting bikes out of his kitchen for triathletes.


New LogoIn October 2013 Kirk opened up shop as IBB Cyclery & Multisport. Throughout the years he has focused serving customers the best way he knows, through his IBB Fit-->Spec-->Build process. He uses power based bike fitting equipment to be able to figure out the customers optimal riding position based on their goals whether it be performance, comfort or both. Then based on the results the components are picked out that will be able to accomplish the need of the customer. The bike is then assembled and fine tuned to the riders determined positions based on the bike fit results. Customers love their custom fit bike knowing that it's the right bike for them.