Watts-Based Dynamic Studio Fitting and the IBB Fit --> Spec --> Custom Build Process


FIT:  In late 2014 Kirk became F.I.S.T. (under Dan Empfield of SlowTwitch) Bike Fit Certified and has since developed his own power-based Dynamic Fitting approach to optimize a rider's comfort, biomechanics, ergonomics, and power output / efficiency based on real-time rider feedback and power output.  Every detail of fit is covered during this session including the pedal/cleat/shoe interface, Pedaling Stance width, handlebar stack / reach, a Saddle "session" where one saddle is selected out of a large pool, Saddle size / nose tilt / height / fore / aft finalized, crank length, bar width/shape, grips size/shape, just to name a few......

SPEC: Based on the Fit coordinates (Rider's position), bike frame size, geometry, saddle, stem, bar, seatpost, crank length, and pedals are pinned down.  During the Spec'ing phase of the process, the bike frame and components are selected to suit the rider's budget and position.

BUILD: The bike is then meticulously built up with careful attention paid to the rider's final position - thus final cuts to brake lines, fork/steerer tube, flat/riser bars, seatpost length, aerobar extensions are made with precision. Brakes and derailleurs are finely tuned / adjusted / updated (electronic shifters).  Lastly, the rider's position is carefully measured and set to match their fit coordinates.  To say the bike "fits like a glove", while accurate, would be better stated: "fits like a custom tailored suit".

Even if you've been relatively satisifed riding "stock" bikes and components over the years, we are confident in our ability to deliver an IBB Full Custom Build experience that doesn't simply meet, but even exceeds your expectations.