Elevator Coffee - KAYON MOUNTAIN - Light - Whole Bean - 12oz

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  • Elevator Coffee was established in 2016. We have an award-winning coffee roasting business, currently selling online and directly to wholesale customers. We are into all things bicycles, being outdoors, and really good coffee. Our core values are high quality, attention to details, acting with integrity and transparity, and professional service without pretense. We take pride in being geeks, not snobs, and our high level of friendly service reflects that ethos. Finally, we continually work to improve ourselves and our products.

    Andrew Coe, owner and roaster for Elevator Coffee, won the 2023 US Coffee Roasting Championship! With this win, Andrew earned a place representing the USA at the 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championships in Taipei Taiwan, utimately finishing 3rd overall!

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We love sharing our passion for cycling and multisport with Ivins and the greater St George region!

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We provide much more than the stock options for bikes and gear. We understand each of our customers are different and no one size fits all. We will work extremely hard to find the perfect solution for whatever it is you are looking for.

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We provide the same level of attention and energy to all of our customers, from those wanting to perform their best in racing, or those just wanting to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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