Rides and Events

Demo Bike Events / Shop Group Rides/Runs/Swims. Skills and Tech Clinics. Also join our Strava club for route maps and more specific details of Shop Rides.




Mondays: Advanced MTB 3+ Hours

Fast-paced, intermediate and advanced tech, 25-35 miles.

Meet up Location: IBB Cyclery, start time 6am

Local Ivins/Santa Clara/St George Trails including:  Cove Wash - Paradise Rim - City Creek - Green Valley Trails

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Fridays: Social Road/Gravel Ride 1.5 hours

Meet: IBB Cyclery

30-40 mile Route: Ivins / Santa Clara / Snow Canyon

Start Time: 8:00am 

Duration: ~2 hours

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Fridays: SHAC Pool Swim 6:50am - 7:50am

Meet up Location: SHAC Pool - St. George
Start Time: 6:50am


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*E-bikes are welcome to any of the group rides!