We are OCD when it comes to servicing bikes. We treat each and every bike we service as if it were our very own.  Rest assured that your bike will come back performing AT or ABOVE your expectations.  Just ask any one of our bike owners, they will confirm it.

"SPOT" - $45 = check/adjust derailleurs, brakes, shifters, headset, drivetrain. Lube Drivetrain and pivots.  Safety Inspection.

"QUICK" - $75 = check/adjust derailleurs, brakes, shifters, headset, drivetrain, tires.  Tighten all bolts to proper torque Spec. Lube Drivetrain and pivots.  Inspect hubs and wheels.  Safety Inspection.

"IBB" - $110 = A Comprehensive and Thorough 'Annual' Tune.  Check/adjust derailleurs, shifters, brakes, headset, drivetrain, tires.  Check Bearings. Check / Adjust Bottom Bracket/Crank, Check/adjust hubs, True Wheels if needed. Adjust fixing bolts to proper torque specification. De-Gunk and re-lube DriveTrain.  Rinse and Wipe Frame. Lube Drivetrain.  Safety Inspection.  Test Ride.

"ELITE" - $225 = "IBB" + new derailleur/brake cables, housing, Bar Tape, ferrules, end caps

"PRO" - $325 = Complete Disassembly down to the frame and Re-Build of the bike.  Includes New Bar Tape.   Fresh Grease/Lube, Bottom Bracket + Hub Service, New Cables and Housing. Proper Torque Spec on all fixing bolts

Add “Wash + Detail” to any Tune-up above = $45

IBB Power-Based Dynamic Bike Fitting:
Road/Gravel/MTB (both electric and non) = $299
Triathlon / TT  = $349
Hybrid/Comfort/Cruiser (both electric and non) = $199
A no-limits Bike Fit performed on a state-of-the-art “Fit Bike”, the Studio Fit is designed to find your absolute IDEAL riding position, IDEAL Saddle, IDEAL bars/extensions, and IDEAL Crank Length.  Positional changes are made while you pedal. In addition, your Power Output (in Watts) is monitored to find the perfect blend of comfort and power on the bike. 
Fitters: Kirk and Charity Nelson are F.I.S.T. Certified, Friendly, Experienced, and (humbly speaking) Extremely Skilled bike fitters.  

$200 (Road/Gravel/MTB/Tri) / $150 (e-Bike/Hybrid) of Studio Fit Cost may be applied toward new bike Purchase from IBB Cyclery (up to 6 months).

Have a specific issue that does not require a tune-up?  
HOURLY SERVICE RATE:  $85/hour -- we work quickly and efficiently, utilizing our expertise and experience to find and fix the issue(s).

- Diagnose and Repair                                   - Derailleur, brake, headset, and hub adjustments
- Tubeless conversions                                  - Clean and Lube
- Wash and detail                                           - Component upgrades/swap
- Tire/tube Sealant/Slime change                  - Custom Spec Full/partial builds (our specialty!)
- Tubular Tire Gluing                                    - Hydraulic Brake Bleeding 
- Power meter setup and service                    - Electronics/Computers install and Setup
- Packing and Shipping                                  - Consignment Selling
- Di2 Firmware updates                                 - Electronic Shifting upgrades 

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