Rental/Demo Bikes

Looking for a new mountain or road bike but want to try it out first?
Visiting the St. George area?
Have family coming in from out of town and need an extra bike or two?

We Rent/Demo Bikes, e-Bikes, helmets, and pedals.

e-Bikes, Road, Gravel, Mountain, and Hybrid/Cruiser bikes are all available for demo and rental.

MTB & e-MTB Full-Suspension Carbon Disc Tubeless:
1. Orbea Occam H10 29er - 140F/140R  - Medium = $65/half-day, $80/day, $325/week
2. Orbea Oiz M30 29er - 120F/120R  - Med = $70/half-day, $85/day, $325/week
3. Orbea Oiz M-Team 29er - 120F/120R  - Large = $80/half-day, $100/day, $350/week
4. Orbea Wild e-MTB M20 F/S 29er 160F/160R - S/M = $85/half-day, $110/day, $390/week
5. Orbea Wild e-MTB H10 F/S 29er 160F/160R - Lg = $85/half-day, $110/day, $390/week

Orbea Wild FS M10 29er e-MTB

e-MTB Hardtail Disc:
1. Mondraker e-MTB Hardtail - X-Small = $70/half-day, $85/day, $350/week

3T Strada Aero Road 1x12 - SRAM Red AXS
Road Disc Carbon:
1. 3T Strada Team Red AXS 1x12- L/56cm = $70/half-day, $90/day, $350/week
2. Cervelo Aspero GRX 1x11 - 56cm = $55/half-day, $70/day, $295/week
3. Cervelo Aspero GRX 1x11 - 58cm = $55/half-day, $70/day, $295/week
Cervelo Aspero GRX 1x11

Gravel Disc Carbon:
1. Cervelo Aspero GRX 1x11 - 56cm = $55/half-day, $70/day, $295/week
2. Cervelo Aspero GRX 1x11 - 58cm = $55/half-day, $70/day, $295/week
3. 3T Exploro Rotor 1x13 Enve 3.4AR - L/56cm = $75/half-day, $100/day, $385/week

e-Bike Road/Gravel Disc Brakes:
1. Orbea Gain Carbon e-Bike Ultegra 2x11 XS/49cm = $65/half-day, $80/day, $325/week
2. Orbea Gain Carbon e-Bike Ultegra 1x11 Sm/52c = $65/half-day, $80/day, $325/week
3. Orbea Gain Alloy D31 1x11 Large/57cm = $65/half-day, $80/day, $325/week
Orbea Gain Carbon e-Bike Road/Gravel - Ultegra 2x11

e-Bikes - Comfort/Hybird/Cruiser:
1. Orbea Vector Pavement Cruiser - Large = $30/half-day, $40/day, $180/week
2. Bulls Lacuba Evo Speed Mid-Step-Thru Large = $60/half-day, $75/day, $300/week
3. Bulls Lacuba Evo Wave 10 Step-Thru Small = $60/half-day, $75/day, $300/week
4. Bulls Lacuba Evo 10 Mid-Step-Thru Small = $60/half-day, $75/day, $300/week
5. Orbea Gain F30 e-Bike Hybrid Large = $60/half-day, $75/day, $300/week
Orbea Gain F30

1. Orbea Vector Pavement Cruiser - Large = $30/half-day, $40/day, $180/week
2. Raleigh Hybrid Medium = $30/half-day, $40/day, $180/week

Orbea Vector
Kids Bikes
1. Cleary MTB 20" = $35/half-day, $45/day, $180/week
2. Cleary MTB 24" = $35/half-day, $45/day, $180/week
3. Cleary MTB 26" = $35/half-day, $45/day, $180/week
Cleary Scout 24" Kids Disc MTB
Child Carrier :

1. Behind Seat Topeak Toddler Carrier = $25/half-day, $40/day, $100/week
(Topeak Rear Rack must be installed onto Bike)

Helmets = $4/half-day, $5/day, $20/week

Clipless pedals (SPD, Crank Bros, LOOK, Speedplay) = $5/half-day, $6/day, $20/week

DEMO FEE CREDIT: 1 Day's Rental Fee (per person) may be applied toward the purchase of a new bike from IBB Cyclery & Multisport, so long as it is used within 6 months from original day of rental.

Call 435-319-0011 if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties while out riding. 
Be sure to ask us about our favorite road and MTB trails. We have Trail maps.  

Be Safe and Have fun!

Trail Maps for both Road and MTB available for purchase - just ask!