Kirk and Charity Nelson started out as "Independent Bike Builder" (IBB) in April 2012, building and fitting bikes out of our kitchen for primarily triathletes.  (Yes, literally out of the kitchen.)  We had no kitchen table the first 6 months because a bike stand and tools took over the small kitchen space of our 1,200 sq. ft rental home. In October 2013 we opened up shop as IBB Cyclery & Multisport.
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Current Logo
As Southern Utah's premiere racing and triathlon specialty retailer, IBB Cyclery & Multisport offers the finest selection of road, TT/Tri, and Mountain bikes, triathlon specialty gear and wetsuits, and the area's very best bicycle fitting and mechanic services. Stop by to demo our versatile fleet of Argon 18, Felt, BMC, Cervelo, Pinarello, and Orbea Bicycles.
Original 'Garage-Days' Logo

Formerly known as the "Independent Bike Builder", IBB has a specialty in building custom spec'd race bikes. Owner/Operator team of Kirk and Charity Nelson have a combined 15 years of competitive racing experience including 9  at the professional level in triathlon. IBB's technical knowledge and expertise with the latest generation of componentry, bicycle fitting, Multisport gear, power meters, and aero equipment is second to none.

IBB Cyclery & Multisport
185 E Center St
Ivins, UT 84738

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Contact/Follow us:
email: info@ibbcyclery.com
phone: (435) 319-0011
web: www.ibbcyclery.com
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Shop Hours: 
MON / FRI = 10:30AM - 5:30PM

TUES / THURS = 10:30AM - 3:30PM


SUNDAY = 12 - 4PM

We are a service-oriented shop, and we insist on giving our customers the one-on-one time they deserve. Our shop is busier than ever!  In order to serve you as best we can, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment for bike fits, new bike inquiries (including custom spec bike builds), e-bike test rides, etc.

Effective 5/18/21, Tuesdays and Thursdays are shortened to 10:30am-2:30pm.  This is to help us keep up with new bike builds and bike repairs.  We have experienced unprecedented growth and demand for our bikes and services and we needed additional time to build and wrench bikes!

We LOVE bikes -- we love riding, building, racing, tweaking, maintaining, upgrading, and fitting them.  The professional level fitters at IBB Cyclery & Multisport are Kirk and Charity Nelson, and bike builder, Kirk, raced as a professional triathlete 2006 - 2014. We both have an unexplainable PASSION for bikes!

Why should you consider IBB Cyclery & Multisport for your next bike purchase, upgrade, or tune-up?

We ride our bikes......A LOT.  With over 15 years of competitive racing and training at the top level, we understand how a bike and its rider must GEL to become one, single, MACHINE, working efficiently in order to produce power and speed, indefinitely.  When custom spec'ing a new build for a customer, we consider EVERY little detail that goes into the final product.  The result is a MASTERPIECE - a bicycle that fits like a glove, giving the rider incredible satisfaction that only comes with a comfortable, powerful position that lasts for hours in the saddle.

Pre-Selah Calgary 70.3 Race - 5th!
Tired of your rides being cut short by aches, pains, and general discomfort?  A bicycle is not a torture device; riding should be a joyful experience!  The only pain you should ever have on a bike should be in your muscles and lungs when you are working hard!

In my (Kirk) 14 years of racing triathlons (9 at the pro level), I have built, maintained, and fitted the large majority of the ~20+ bikes I've owned, including TT/Tri, road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes.  In 2011, I began working on and fitting bikes for coaching clients.  In 2012, I began building up and selling custom spec'd, gently used bikes -- locally, nationally, and even internationally.  In October 2013, we opened the doors of IBB Cyclery & Multisport (IBB = Independent Bike Builder).
Back in Colorado basement - 2011

My first-ever road bike was a 2003 Specialized Allez Comp Cro-Moly (Steel) bike with Shimano Ultegra 9-speed and Profile Design clip-on aerobars.  It was simple -- traditional steel frame, standard external routing of cables/housing, and standard BSA threaded bottom bracket.

Bikes have REALLY CHANGED over the years, as technology has evolved to make them faster, stiffer, lighter, more convenient, better fitting, and more comfortable.  Current bike technology features a plethora of bottom bracket standards, 13-speed rear hubs, internally routed cables and hoses, electronic shifting, power meters, tubeless wheels, hidden aero brakes, firmware updates, wireless shifting, and more!  Using Triathlon / TT bikes as an example, Building/maintaining/fitting the latest generation of "super-bikes" requires new tools, new tricks, outside-the-box thinking, attention to detail, and lots of experience.

Argon 18 E-119 TRI Custom Build
Additionally, the process for choosing the proper size/geometry is not what it use to be.  The bike industry oversimplifies bike sizing by giving the end-user a single "Size" or "number" to go off -- 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, or 18", 20", 22", or S, M, L is typical.  However, the problem with selecting a bike based on its labeled size is that frame geometries vary WILDLY, even though two frames may have the same labeled size.  As such, finding your ideal bike frame size/geometry should not be taken lightly.

My wife Charity and I begin with a Power-Based Dynamic Fitting protocol to find the rider's ideal "fit coordinates".  In the case of a new bike purchase, we then reverse engineer (or "Spec") the complete bike solution to figure out what frame geometry and size is ideal for them to begin with, and then build or set up the new bike to perfectly match the rider's fit coordinates.  In the case of adjusting a rider's existing bike(s), we make adjustments to match (or come as close as possible) to their established fit coordinates.  An individual's fit coordinates will be specific to the type of bike they are riding.  For example, Triathlon Bike fit coordinates are VERY different from MTB Fit coordinates.

Who doesn't love playing in the Dirt! 3T Exploro Custom Build
A new "language" has emerged to help us not only define, but also compare how a particular bike fits.  "Stack" and "reach" terminology is now (somewhat) common place for frame makers and bike shops to identify a frame's key measurements -- "stack" =  how high the top of the head tube sits (vertically) above the bottom bracket.  "reach" = how far away the top of the head tube is (horizontally) from the bottom bracket.  At IBB Cyclery, we work with and discern "stack and reach" numbers each and every day as we fit riders, make adjustments to bikes, or build up new bikes based on rider's fit coordinates.  In 2014, we have developed what we call the IBB "FIT --> SPEC --> BUILD" process for new bike purchasing:

1. FIT reveals the crucial Fit Coordinates for the rider.

2. SPEC the bike from head to toe including frame size/geometry, bar/stem, saddle, crank length, gearing, color, etc.

3. Lastly, BUILD or set the bike up to match the rider's fit coordinates from step 1.

2013 IM St. George 70.3 on Argon 18 E-118
With advances in aerodynamics and technology, Triathlon/TT super-bikes are oftentimes more difficult to build, set up, and get dialed in.  Additionally, compatibility issues continue to arise as more and more technologies are introduced.

And that's our passion: Dealing with the not-so-easy-or-fun part of bikes so that you can spend more time and energy enjoying actually RIDING your Bike!
Bob's Custom-Spec'd Orbea Orca
In addition to being experts at FITting, SPEC'ing, and BUILDing bikes, we also repair and service bikes, sell accessories, apparel, and components, fit, and build: road, TT/Tri, Cruiser, Hybrid, Commuter, SS, MTB, cyclocross, and kids' Bikes.  We also stock and sell a range of components, power meters, pedals, tires/tubes, wheels, wetsuits, apparel, nutritionals, supplements, and accessories.  Our experience building, fitting, riding, racing, and wrenching bikes is second to none.  Just ask our customers.

Our customers:  Cyclists and triathletes wanting a properly sized and spec'd, quality built, entry-level-to-high-end bicycle.  Have a limited budget?  By custom spec'ing the components, we can help you maximize the buying-power of your budget in terms of performance.  We want to get you the most speed, comfort, and durability out of the hard-earned money you spend. The truth is that some upgrades are simply not worth the increased cost while other upgrades are worth every penny.

Just a taste of what we've built up over the years………..

Chris' Argon 18 E-118 NEXT Dura Ace Di2, Profile Design 78/78, ISM PR2.0, Rotor INPower / QXL

This Custom Spec'd Flat-Bar Felt Road bike tackles fit/comfort issues all while maintaining a light-weight Ferrari-like feel

Andy w/ custom spec'd Argon 18 E-118

Christian's Felt AR1 - Custom Spec'd Beauty!
Argon 18 Nitrogen Aero Road Bike - a Versatile road-racing machine with a SMOOTH ride.

Argon 18 E-118 with Ultegra Di2, Profile Design Carbon Clincher Wheels, ISM Prologue, Stages Power
Felt AR1 w/ Shimano Ultegra Di2 11-sp, Profile Design 58s, Profile Canta Ergo Bar
Felt DA w/ SRAM Force 22, Profile Design 78s, Zipp cockpit, ISM Attack Saddle
Felt DA with SRAM Force 22, Profile Design 78s, Rotor 3D+ crank, 52/38 Q-rings, Zipp Cockpit, ISM Attack, and Keywin Carbon pedals 
Argon 18 Krypton w/ Campy Chorus 11-sp, Fulcrum Race Quattro Wheels, Profile Design Carbon Bar, Rotor 3D24 Crank
Argon 18 Gallium w/ Ultegra 6800, Hawk Racing C50 Wheels w/ Custom decals, Terry Saddle, FSA SLK bars, and PINK

2014 Felt AR5 w/ upgraded Shimano RS81 C24 Carbon Clinchers

Argon 18 Krypton, SRAM Force 22, Zipp Bar/Stem, Hawk Racing C50
2014 Felt IA FRD, Dura Ace Di2 9070, Reynolds 58/72 Aero, Rotor QXL, ISM Attack 

Argon 18 E-118, Dura Ace Di2 9070, ISM Attack, Keywin Carbon

2014 Argon 18 Gallium Pro, Dura Ace 9000, Profile Design Twenty Four 58s, Deda 35 Bar/Stem

Argon 18 E-116 w/ Ultegra 6800, Profile Design cockpit, and Profile Design Twenty-Four 58/78s.  With Argon 18 Gallium Pro Dura Ace 9000 w/ Hawk Racing C50 in the background.

2014 Argon 18 E-116, Campy Record 11-sp, Profile Design Cokpit, Hawk Racing C50s, Selle San Marco Saddle

Charity's 2012 Argon 18 E-116 (X-Small) with Shimano Dura Ace 11-speed, Profile Design Svet Base Bar, Zipp Vuka Alumina Extensions, Zipp Stem, Dash Tri.7 Saddle, Arundel Cages, Keywin Carbon Pedals, Rotor Q-rings, Rotor 3D+ SRM Power Meter

2013 Argon 18 E-118 (small) with Shimano Dura Ace 11-speed, Hawk Racing V80 wheels, Dash Saddle, Keywin Carbon Pedals, Rotor Q-rings, Arundel Cages

2012 Blue Triad SL LE (Medium) with SRAM Red (2013), Aerus (Blue) Aerobars, Vision TT Brake Levers, ISM Prologue saddle, Rotor 3D+ SRM with 56/44 Q-rings, Keywin Carbon Pedals, TriRig Omega Front Brake, Zipp 808 FireCrest Tubulars, Schwalbe Ultremo HT HS 423 Tubulars 700x22

2011 LOOK 596 -- SRAM Red, Zipp Vuka Cockpit, Rotor 3D+ SRM, ISM SAddle, Zipp Super-9 Disc, Front 808 Firecrest

2010 LOOK 596 -- SRAM Red, Zipp Vuka Cockpit, Rotor 54/42 Q-rings, ISM Adamo, Zipp Sub-9 disc and 1080 front

2009 LOOK 596 -- SRAM Red, Zipp Vuka Cockpit, ISM Adamo, Zipp 808 Tubulars

Charity's 2010 LOOK 576

2010 LOOK 586 road bike, SRAM Force, ISM Podium, Zipp 303s