Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Orbea Rise - the Turbo Levo SL "Silent" Killer

When Orbea set out to create their own ultra-lightweight Full-Suspension e-MTB, they specifically targeted the Specialized Turbo Levo SL.  At 35-38 pounds, 60 N-m of peak torque, 360 Watt-hour Battery capacity, Price range of $7 - $11k (all full-carbon models), and an unbelievable high bang-for-buck ratio component spec, the Rise is not just competitive, I'd say it stands in a league of its own head and shoulders above the competition.....
Rise M-Team

Hands down, the Orbea Rise "rises" above the Levo SL bikes at EVERY price point.  

For example, at $7,000, the Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp comes with an alloy frame, Fox Rhythm 34 fork (which sits below the Fox performance line) Fox Float DPS shock, low-end SRAM NX eagle drivetrain, "hot-mess" SRAM Guide brakes, and X-Fusion Dropper.  

Compare this spec list with the Orbea Rise M20 ($7,000) which offers a full carbon frame (BOTH front AND rear triangles), Shimano SLX 12-speed drivetrain, Shimano 6100 Brakes, Fox 34 Performance Fork, and RaceFace AR Wheelset.  
Rise M-LTD

The discrepancy in bang-for-buck value becomes even more apparent when you move up the food chain.

The Rise M10 at $8,599 offers a REMARKABLY BETTER component spec (FULL XT with Fox Factory 36 Fork and Fox Factory DPX2 Shock) than even the Levo SL Expert Carbon for $10,000 (Eagle XO1 with Fox Performance Fork and Shock, and "hot-mess" Guide brakes)

Spend $14.5k on the top-end Turbo Levo SL and you certainly get some dandy components, but is the bike $3,500 BETTER than the top-end Rise M-Team ($10,968 with carbon wheels) or M-LTD ($11,296 with upgraded 4-piston brakes, Factory 36 fork, and Factory DPX2 shock)?  

The obvious answer is "Of course not."

We have yet to even address the elephant in the room here........  What about the difference in the "e" between the Rise and Levo SL e-MTB's? 

We're talking Motor Torque, Integrated Battery capacity, and external battery options

1. Motor Peak Torque:                                 Rise = 60Nm                 Levo SL = 35 Nm
2. Frame Integrated Battery Capacity:         Rise = 360 W-hour        Levo SL = 320 W-hour
3. External Battery Capacity Option:           Rise = 252 W-hour        Levo SL = 160 W-hour
4. Combined total Battery Capacity:            Rise = 612 W-hour        Levo SL = 480 W-hour

What about weight?  Even with a higher powered motor and higher capacity battery, the lightest weight Rise M-LTD comes in at approximately 35.5 pounds with the S-Works Levo SL at approximately 37.2 pounds.  

We've talked plenty about how well the Rise performs on paper, but how does it ride?

Having now put over 150 miles of off-road riding (Ranging from rough ATV double track and back-country trails to technical single track MTB trails) on the Rise (M10 with a few personal touches), I am not just impressed, but frankly shocked with how well this bike rides (climbs, descends, handles).  Even more imortantly, I grossly underestimated how much fun I actually have riding the Rise.  After all, riding bikes is suppose to be fun, and that's where the Rise delivers more than I could have imagined!