Saturday, November 5, 2016

25-Hours Frog Hollow

IBB Cyclery Team "Wannabes" at 25-Hours of Frog Hollow November 5-6:

With almost 2 laps banked, we're getting ready to head into the night. 
IBB's 4-man team, the "Wannabees", consists of Doro Guizar, Josh Onarheim, Tom Kimbrell, and Kirk Nelson. 

Getting set up before the race 

The view to the North of Frog Town

Doro finishing lap 2

Tom starting lap 2

Update: After 4 Team laps, IBB team in 3rd place in the 4-man division. 
Update: 8-Team laps. Still holding on to 3rd

12-Team laps: 3rd place - still going strong and keeping good pace. 

Through the daylight hours of 10:00am-7:00pm we maintained a sub-hour average lap pace (approx 58-59 minutes per lap!)
(Night time riding is typically 3-8 minutes slower per lap)

Final Update: Through a cumulative team effort, the IBB "Wannabees" made up time in the team's final laps, and ultimately captured 2nd place during the 23rd lap. Josh successfully held on to 2nd place in the team's 24th and final lap. 

24-lap breakdown:
Josh - 7
Kirk - 7
Doro - 6
Tom - 4

Well done Team IBB and congrats on bringing home some hardware!!

HUGE Thank-You goes to Linda Kimbrell for supporting us literally around the clock and in multiple capacities!!