Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Boardman AiR/9.8 Liquid Platinum Limited Edition Aero Road Bike

The Boardman AiR Series is an Olympic Gold-and-Bronze Medal winning Aero Road bike ridden to near weekly victory by the Brownlee brothers, Jonathan and Alistair, on the ITU draft-legal Triathlon Circuit.  

With a 4-position seatpost, the rider can achieve a more forward TT/Tri position (seat angles of 76 - 80 degrees), or ride in a more traditional rearward road position of 72 - 76 degrees.

If set up with electronic Di2 shifting, the addition of Clip-on aerobars with TT/Tri Shift Switches will give you a fully-functional, aero-position-shifting TT/Tri Bike, and with aerodynamics approaching that of a top-notch pure-bred TT/Tri rig.

Technically, a "true" TT/Tri bike is better suited for pure triathlon and Time-Trialing performance, but for a 1-bike solution to do both road biking and triathlon (and do them WELL we might add.....), you won't find a more VERSATILE road machine!