Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Serviced recently.........

We service all kinds of bikes - mountain, road, cruisers, BMX, electric, Triathlon, etc, etc....

But when it comes to the ultra-techie category of road, triathlon /TT, and mountain super bikes, nobody knows better than IBB. 
This Specialized Shiv, a triathlon-specific bike, was in our shop this week for our "elite" level tune-up before heading up to Couer d'Alene, ID for 112 miles of Ironman CdA.

In addition to a full drivetrain clean and frame detailing, we took our "fine-tooth" comb over this bike and found a few things requiring attention. 

1. When originally built up, the shifter cables were unnecessarily routed externally from the extension making for an un-aero and un-tidy cockpit. 
We re-routed them internally for a cleaner and more aero front end. 
2.  At time of installation, the bottom bracket pre-load was excessive creating additional, unwanted resistance, risking a shortened bearing life, and compromised bearing performance. 
We took the time and effort to remove the crank, check the bearings for wear, and re-install with proper bearing pre-load. 
3. Front derailleur cable was frayed due to lack of use of an outer-protective sleeve.  We installed a sleeve along with new cable.

In addition to the tune-up and full cleaning, we installed new bar tape with a tidy and clean wrap job. 

When it comes to racing bikes, details matter. We treat your bike as if it were our own and we are Clinical-OCD when it comes to bike maintenance and setup. 

Regardless of where you purchased your bike, consider us for your next service appointment. Your bike will indeed thank you for doing so!!