Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spanish Selections added - Catlike & Orbea

We are excited to announce the addition of 2 new brands, both head-quartered in Spain. 

CatLike helmets are recognized as a top-performer within the world of competitive road cycling and TT/Triathlon. 
The lightweight, well-vented Mixino is their top-end road model and comes in the standard version as well as an aero-road version. The full-fledged Chrono WT TT/Tri helmet is race-proven with Olympic gold in the 2012 Olympic Time-Trial and overall women's first at 2013 Hawaii IM World Champs. The Chrono WT comes with a removable visor and removable air-flow cover. 

Spain-based Orbea brings some lean, mean, mountain bike machines to our Ivins shop including the new 27.5" Full-suspension Rallon

....and the world-championship-winning Alma hard-tail 29er. 

Orbea road and TT/Tri bikes are among the very best in the land, including the Orca roadie and the Ordu For TT/Tri. In fact, the fastest 2013 Hawaii IM men's bike split was set on an Ordu. 

We plan to receive our initial shipment from Orbea around the 17th of January. 

Stop by during reg hours or schedule an appointment for a test/demo ride.