Saturday, November 16, 2013

FREE Winter 101 Clinic Series

IBB Cyclery presents the 101 Clinic Series:  Saturdays, 11am - 12pm at the shop.  Ride or drive out to the shop -- both bicycle and car parking are available.

"101" means that this clinic series is geared for beginner to intermediate, although even you veteran riders will likely learn something ;-)

Clinic Schedule and Topics:

1. November 23, 2013: Getting in the Zone -- HR and Power-based Training
2. December 7, 2013: Training and Racing Nutrition
3. December 14, 2013: Cycling Mechanics
4. December 21, 2013: Off-Season Training
5. January 4, 2014: Group Riding

Please RSVP by emailing with the clinic(s) you plan on attending so that we can better accommodate you.

The clinics will be fun, informative, and FREE!  Invite your friends and training partners!

Kirk and Charity