Tuesday, September 17, 2013

IBB update

Dear IBB Customers,

It's been 18 months since we first began building, selling, fitting, and wrenching bikes.

We began small, working out of our kitchen (literally), with a stand and tools setup where you'd normally eat family dinners.  Customers that visited could peruse the bike and gear room (which in most homes would be a guest or child's room).  Bike builds, fittings, and tunes happened in the garage during spring and fall, and reverted to the kitchen during cold winters or hot summers.  

With your support and patronage, a LOT has changes since March of last year, and by God's grace more exciting changes will come!

We are now full-service, authorized dealers of the following brands:
Argon 18 Bikes, Profile-Design aerobars and wheels, Bell Weather apparel, Keywin pedals, Rotor Bike Components including Rotor Powermeters, Aquaman Wetsuits, ISM Saddles, Barfly Garmin Mounts, Dash Cycles, Arundel Bike, Schwalbe Tires, Hawk Racing Wheels and Bottom Brackets, Enduroshark Salts, and Garmin computers and watches.

In addition, we have a distributor for several other component brands including Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, FSA, Visiontech, Fulcrum Racing wheels, Lezyne, K-Edge, Michelin, Hutchinson, and more.

With access to a full range of components, apparel, and accessories, we can take care of your cycling needs.

Mobile and On-Call Mechanic Services:
We now offer Mobile and On-Call Mechanic services, bringing tune-ups, bike fits, and component swaps to the customer. 
Regardless of whether you come to us or we come to you, we have a remarkably fast turn-around on all bike jobs.

We pride ourselves on our quality of work.  An obsession with details coupled with years of riding and wrenching experience make us perhaps the finest bike builder and mechanic in southern Utah. 

You can trust us.  We want to keep you riding fast and issue-free as much as possible.  If something needs replacing due to wear or safety issues, we'll explain why and give you several options for you to choose from.  

Bike Fitting Services:
With all the fancy bike fitting tools and technologies available, and pricing that oftentimes rivals the cost of an entry-level COMPLETE bike, the process of fitting a bike may seem like a complex, challenging task.

A bike fitting technology, such as Retul, does not GUARANTEE the perfect bike fit.  Instead, it (in theory) reduces the time it takes to complete a bike fit and gives the fitter and rider a range of data.  It's up to the fitter to understand, interpret, and effectively use the data to make wise positional changes.  The technology does not do this for the fitter, it's up to the fitter to know how to proceed.  Unfortunately, many fitters are relatively clueless at this point, doing their best to utilize the limited information learned in their 2-day fitting certification class.  In addition, some fitters make customers feel as though the fitting technology is somehow a required tool for even doing the fit in the first place.  This is simply not true.

The truth about bike fitting:  Becoming a good bike fitter requires a LOT of experience - not only fitting athletes, but also riding bikes (esp at a high level).  It's no secret that some of the very best bicycle fitters and frame builders in the industry are former professional cyclists and triathletes.  

Achieving a good fit happens when a good fitter (typically experienced in riding as well as fitting) works together with the athlete being fitted, to put the rider well "inside the ballpark".  During the fit, the fitter explains what the rider should feel, what muscles to engage, and how changes and tweaks will affect weight distribution, feel, handling, comfort, and performance.  

At IBB, we charge a modest fee of $150 for bike fitting, which includes both the main fitting session as well as any necessary follow-up tweak sessions (typically 1-2 are needed).

With the new 2014 Argon 18 bikes now available, ALL remaining 2013 Argon 18 Framesets are 15% off MSRP.  If you're considering upgrading to an Argon 18 road or TT/Tri frameset, now is a great time!

Used Road and TT/Tri Bikes:
We have two used road bikes and one used Tri/TT bike for sale:

Argon 18 E-116, Size X-Small, TT/Tri bike, Dura Ace 11-sp components, 58mm Carbon Clincher wheels -- $4,000
MSRP - $5,900

Blue Competition Cycles AC1 SL Limited Edition All-Black, Size Medium Road Bike, SRAM Red 10-sp components, 58mm carbon clincher wheels -- $3,700
MSRP - $7,800

Blue Competition Cycles AC1 SL Limited Edition All-Black, size Small Road Bike, SRAM Red 10-sp components, 58mm carbon clincher wheels  --  $3,700
MSRP - $7,800

If you have any comments or suggestions for products, please let us know how we can serve you better!

If you purchased a complete bike from us in the last year, you can bring it in for a free adjustment of derailleurs and brakes.  We'll make sure it's running smoothly again just like when you bought it!

We hope you have an awesome rest of your 2013 season!!

For those local to the St. George area, we are planning an end-of-season Tri-Party-Pot-luck-in-the-Park for Saturday, November 2, from 1-4pm at Unity Park in Ivins.  Mark your calendars and help spread the word!!
Details will be posted to our Facebook pages and websites.

Kirk & Charity Nelson
p: 435.319.0011