Sunday, July 14, 2013

On-Call and Traveling Mechanic Services now offered by Indie Bike Builder

We LOVE riding our bikes and so do our customers.  We know just how much it stinks to needlessly miss a scheduled ride because your bike was sitting at a shop waiting to be worked on....... could be days or even weeks before you get your bike back!  

Our solution?  We come to you. Whenever and wherever you need us.

On-Call Mechanic Services -- After normal business hours, but need your bike fixed before the morning group ride?  Have a race coming up and need a last-minute tune-up or cassette change?  We offer on-call mechanic services for times when you need it most.

Traveling Mechanic Services -- Need some work done to your bike but don't want to bother with making two separate trips -- one to drop off your bike and another to pick it up?

With most mechanic service jobs, we offer the convenience option of coming to you to complete the task.  

Traveling Mechanic Services are especially convenient for customers that are short on time, and need work done before their next planned ride.  

We can meet you at your home or place of work to get your bike fixed up and ready to ride.  

Contact us for a quote:
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