Thursday, January 10, 2013

IBB carries Argon 18!

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are now AUTHORIZED Argon 18 dealers!!

Check out to check out their brand new 2013 Triathlon/TT and Road bikes.  Their 2013 is in stock and ready to order (1-2 days ship time).  In addition to the brand new 2013 line, there are smoking deals on 2012 closeouts!

The E-118 is their flagship TT model with high modulus carbon construction, integrated fork and 3D Headtube, aerobar and TRP Brake levers.  An E-118 frameset includes integrated front/rear aero brakes, adjustable integrated stem and very versatile integrated aerobar and brake levers.

The E-116 comes from an identical mold and thus shares the same aerodynamic qualities as the E-118, but with a slightly different High-Modulus carbon layup.  The E-116 does not come with stem/aerobars giving you the freedom to choose your own cockpit. This makes it a perfect blend of latest aero technologies, aesthetics, design, and affordability

The E-112, Argon's 3rd in line, is on par with other brands' top-end framesets.  The E-112 is anything but "top-shelf" performance at "mid-level" pricing.

Finally, the E-80 is Argon's version of "entry-level", and again is anything but with versatile brake mounting options for increased aerodynamics.

Maybe you've heard of Argon 18, maybe you haven't.  They are a small, hard-working, sophisticated company DEDICATED to Triathletes, and hence a perfect fit as our first and only-offered Bicycle Brand.  Instead of sinking marketing dollars into national and international marketing efforts, Argon 18 invests in the some of the industry's best engineers, as well as extensive wind-tunnel testing and research efforts, in order to bring you a top performer at realistic pricing.

Argon 18 E-118 is the Official Steed for the DarkHorse313 Coaching Staff.

Contact us for pricing, sizing, build, and ordering information.